PHP Editor for Visual Studio

PHP Editor for Visual Studio gives you the editing capabiities of a rich editor inside Visual Studio. VS.Php provides rich intellisense, color coding and real-time syntax error checking.

Syntax coloring - The PHP editor supports color coding of the various PHP keywords and constructs to help facilitate reading PHP code.

Real time syntax checker - Identify syntax errors before you run the code with this real time syntax checker.

Intellisense - VS.Php supports intellisense of PHP4 and PHP5 scripts. It has comprehensive support including the PHP built-in modules and PEAR classes. Also provides project wide intellisense for ease of programming.

Zend Framework - VS.Php includes the latest Zend Framework and provides rich intellisense to all Zend classes within your project.

Code outlining - The editor provides a rich automatic outlining support that lets you organize your code more efficiently. VS.Php understands PEAR-style regions as well as .Net-style user regions.

PHPDoc support - PHPDoc enhances the intellisense experience by adding type information to the functions, methods and variables in PHP code. Also, easy PHPDoc comment generation is supported.

Best PHP editor

The PHP editor comes with a lot of productivity features that enhance your experience and helps you make your job a lot easier. Code outlining is one of these key features in the PHP editor. You can collapse classes, functions and PHP blocks to better navigate across the file. You can also define your own code regions and add labels to each region. The PHP editor supports PhpDoc style regions as well as .Net style regions.

Another key feature of the PHP editor is the ability to check for syntax errors as you type your code. The PHP editor will mark syntax errors in the code and will tell you what's wrong with the code so you can quickly fix the problem before you execute your code. The real time syntax checker runs in the background and does not slow down the editor responsiveness even on very large PHP files.

Visual Studio developers are used to have editors that auto indent their code as they type and paste code. The PHP editor is no exception offering a wide range of auto formatting features. It auto indents code as you type including brackets, function parameters spanning multiple lines and HereDoc sections. When you paste code into the editor, the PHP editor will auto indent the code to match the surrounding code. You can also auto format sections of code as well as sections of the file at any time with the click of a mouse.

VS.Php also offers a navigation bar on top of the PHP editor that lets you jump to functions and classes defined in the file. There are two combo boxes available on top of the editor window. The one on the left lets you select a class or global functions. The one on the right shows the global functions or methods of the class selected in the left box. Classes, functions and methods are in alphabetical order for ease of use. The navigation bar also selects the function or method where the cursor is located. so if your function does not fit the whole window, you can look at the navigation bar to know which function the cursor is.